Legislative Error Correction Act

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Legislative Error Correction Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted7 June 2012
Date repealed20 May 2017
Legislative history
Introduced on22 March 2012
Introduced byNorth American Republics,
Voting began28th May 2012
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results8 Yea, 0 Nay[1]
Repealing legislation
SLU Modernization Act
Status: Repealed

To provide a framework for the correction of typographical errors.[2]

Section 1: Of typographical errors.

1.1. A typographical error is any perceived error in legislation that
1.1.1. consists of one or more spelling mistakes
1.1.2. consists of one or more mistakes in grammar
1.2. A typo can be determined by any member nation who perceives the section of legislation to be containing a typo.

Section 2: A typographical error is corrected by:

2.1. Proposing a correction bill to consist of:
2.1.1. The perceived typographical error and the context in which it is in
2.1.2. The suggested correction of the typographical error immediately following the perceived error and its context
2.1.3. The standard end-of-bill formatting
2.2. The correction bill is then submitted to the Open Parliament, to be voted on by the region.
2.3. The correction bill is then published and discussed for at least a week.
2.4. For the purpose of classification and understanding, a correction bill is understood to be an amendment to the original act that the correction bill would affect.

Section 3: To lessen the chances of typos existing in legislation, the Speaker of the Union is hereby required to:

3.1. Produce a report on each piece of legislation that is proposed in the future, be it a new bill, or an amendment, stating where typos may exist, if at all
3.2. Produce a report on each historical piece of legislation, following the example of the above.
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