United Military Alignment and Defense Act

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United Military Alignment and Defense Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted6 April 2012
Date repealed22 August 2012
Legislative history
Introduced on17 March 2012
Introduced byAzerzia
Voting began30 March 2012
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results10 Yea, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain[1]
Repealing legislation
Second Constitution
Status: Repealed

As the world is divided between raider, defender and neutral regions, organizations and states, the region of the Social Liberal Union (SLU) seeks to define its policy and Alignment on the issue[2]

Section 1: For the purposes of this bill, raiders, defenders, neutrals and counterraiders are defined below:

1.1. A raider is any state, region or organization which enters a region or organization in an organized manner with the intention of damaging the internal functioning of that region/organization or taking control of that region/organization in a way which is against the wishes of the native inhabitants and illegitimate according to regional traditions.
1.2. A defender is any state, region or organization which actively seeks out raiders and attempts to hinder their activities without doing damage to their internal structure.
1.3. A neutral is any state, region or organization which does not support or hinder defender, raider or counterraider activities or does not acknowledge any of the above.
1.4. A counterraider is any state, region or organization who actively uses invader tactics, whether by damaging the internal structure of or taking control of a region/organization, against raider regions/organizations.

Section 2: On Regional alignment:

2.1. The SLU may act as a defender only in circumstances where regions with which SLU has defensive agreements or embassies are raided and request assistance.
2.2. Preference is given to those regions with which the SLU has defensive arrangements and the SLU maintains the right to not assist regions which only have an embassy with it.
2.3.Treaties and accords between the SLU and defender or raider regions/organizations may be created to assist the SLU in the defense of itself and its allies.
2.4. The government SLU maintains the right to share or keep private information acquired from its allies or other sources which involve possible raider, defender or counterraider activity.
2.5. The SLU maintains the right to use non-damaging subterfuge to acquire information from defenders and raiders which would assist in its defense of its allies and itself.

Section 3: On member state alignment

3.1. No difference in the processing of membership may occur based on any actual or perceived difference in raider, defender, neutral or counterraider status provided that such states abide by the laws of the SLU.
3.2. All member states may join or create organizations dedicated to the purposes of raiders, defenders, neutrals or counterraiders. Such organizations may not be encouraged officially by the government of the SLU but members of the government may be members of such organizations.
3.3. No member state may be involved in raider or counterraider actions which harm a region or organization with which the SLU holds an embassy or has a defensive treaty. Violations of this are handled by the judicial system of the SLU.
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