September 2017 Non-Member State Removal Authorization Act

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September 2017 Non-Member State Removal Authorization Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted18 September 2017
Legislative history
Introduced on7 September 2017
Introduced byAnaaxes
Voting began9 September 2017
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results4 Yea, 1 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Status: Spent enactment

This Act provides the executive branch a legal pathway to remove several specific trolls and other malicious Non-Member States from the region, and to ban them if they return without prior permission. This Act makes it an offence to attempt to circumvent any ejections or bans under this Act via puppets or otherwise. The Act will automatically lapse approximately one year after its enactment.

Section 1. Findings

WHEREAS, the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union only prohibits the Open Parliament from enacting bills of attainder against Member States;

AND WHEREAS, the States listed in Section 2 are not Member States;

AND WHEREAS, the States listed in Section 2 have engaged in trolling, harassment, or undeclared puppet-flooding;

AND WHEREAS, the best interests of the peace, security, and civility of the region would best be served by removing those aforementioned Non-Member States from the region.

Section 2. Authority to Eject and Ban Certain States

The World Assembly Delegate, in their sole discretion, may authorize the Founder or any regional officer with border control authority to eject any of the following States from the Social Liberal Union, and, may ban them indefinitely should they return without the prior permission of the Delegate or the Court of Justice:

  1. 25 Years Later
  2. Amazing Liberal Homeland of Trumpistania
  3. AnOnYmOuSsLu
  4. Apathatical Also
  5. Apik
  6. Bazahollnia
  7. Bloodthirsty Wolverines
  8. Bubblebuttland
  9. Calmy Floating Away
  10. Capitaliberal
  11. Chakra of Wellbeing
  12. Civilicity
  13. Clean Sanitorium
  14. Cold Cold Water
  15. Cookie Lovers
  16. Cookie Paradise
  17. Dee Kay
  18. Disparagio
  19. Doris Park
  20. Druk Daoyo
  21. Eastern Woodlands
  22. Economic Freedoms
  23. Extremely Liberal Civil Rights Lovers
  24. Ezioka
  25. Fairy Leviathan
  26. Gigantic Communist Staircase
  27. Golden Red Cross
  28. Hjamr
  29. Investigationonpuppets
  30. Jobrussania
  31. Kayrata Bohr
  32. Khan Tengris
  33. Large Fart
  34. Leftist and Liberal Civil Rights Lovers
  35. LesVerts
  36. Liberal Civil Rights Lovers
  37. Liberal Iceland
  38. Liberal Icelandia
  39. Liberal Islamic Militants
  40. Liberal Parliament
  41. Liberal Statutory Republic
  42. Libertarian Icelandia
  43. Light Feathers
  44. Longtemps
  45. Made in the USA
  46. Marly Nectonus
  47. Megara-on-the-Lake
  48. MeLikeCookies
  49. Middleman
  50. Monc Blanc
  51. Most Liberal Civil Rights Lovers
  52. My Lazarus Pit
  53. North Kyrse
  54. Norwegian Liberal Paradise
  55. Nuclear Sheep
  56. Nukienukie
  57. Nursultaynia
  58. Offensive Centrist Democracy
  59. Oh Ocean Man
  60. Once-Upon-a-Dream
  61. Oreo Cookie Paradise Park
  62. Oughtful Free
  63. Panshe Andstan
  64. Per Sempre
  65. Phrenics
  66. Pistobang
  67. Plucky Malnourished Pioneers
  68. Rallya
  69. Really Just A Great Nation
  70. Recently Discovered Undiscovered Tribes
  71. Reformed Monia Cal Volia
  72. Ruptlo
  73. Scandinavian Forest
  74. Skip The Drama Stay With Mama
  75. Snow-White-and-an-Apple
  76. Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan
  77. South Duhi Chon
  78. Strazius
  79. Tay Morn
  80. Teothatcd
  81. Terra Kia
  82. The Authoritarian Palace of Kim Jong Un
  83. The CRCP
  84. The Cavkaz
  85. The Holmian Society
  86. The Humble Abode of Donald Trump
  87. The Mamaland
  88. The Minola
  89. The REAL Social Liberal Union
  90. The YOLO Kid
  91. Tramport
  92. True Values of the Social Liberal Union
  93. Turyon
  94. Tzivana
  95. Undunalyampi
  96. United Felverya
  97. West Rebarnia
  98. Yuggdra
  99. Zionisti

Section 3. Circumvention Offence

Any State which circumvents or attempts to circumvent their lawful ejection or ban from the Social Liberal Union through the use of puppet accounts or through other means, may be subject to prosecution for a Class 4 offence for each instance.

Section 4. Termination

This Act shall terminate at midnight on 30 September 2018, according to Coordinated Universal Time.