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Welcome to the Library of Parliament

The official library in service of the Open Parliament of the Social Liberal Union
Documenting and preserving 269 historical and government records, and counting!

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The current and past regional Constitutions
Government Information
General information about the government
Nation Profiles
Current and former member states
Acts of Parliament
Acts of Parliament currently in force
Repealed Legislation
Legislation no longer in force
History of elections in the SLU
Act Amendments
Amendments to Acts in force
Submitted Bills
Legislation currently before Parliament
Regional History
History of the SLU
Treaties and Agreements
Treaties and agreements currently in force
Parliamentary Debates
Debates of the Open Parliament
Public Records
Publicly available records
Resolutions of Parliament
Resolutions of Parliament currently in force
Other Open Parliament Voting
Other votes of the Open Parliament
Original Legislation
Amended legislation as it was passed