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A Second Act to Ensure Laws Exemplifying our Favored Tenets
Introduced by Odd Republic
Status: Not passed

This Act provides for correction of various problems created by the Third Constitution and associated Acts, and improves functioning of the Social Liberal Union in general. _

Title 1. General Provisions[edit]

Section 1. Requisites for Implementation[edit]

This Act shall not enter effect unless it has been (a) open to public debate for not less than 14 days preceding voting; (b) voted upon for a period of between 14 and 21 days, as a bill package containing a constitutional amendment; and (c) passed with the concurrence of not less than two thirds of voting members.

Section 2. Date of Expiry[edit]

This Act shall be considered spent immediately after all modifications made by it to other legislation, as well as legislation created by it, are implemented and noted.

Section 3. Special Provisions Concerning Other Legislation[edit]

In addition to all legislation created by other Titles of this Act, the following legislative provisions shall supplementally implemented.

Clause 1. The SLU Modernization Act shall be noted as having expired on 20 August 2017, and independent pages for the amendments made by it must be created
Clause 2. The

Title 2. Constitutional Amendment[edit]

Title 3. Records Act[edit]

Title 4. Awards and Recognition Act[edit]

Title 5. Minor Amendments[edit]