Government of the Social Liberal Union

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The Government of the Social Liberal Union consists of all offices of the Social Liberal Union that are created by the Constitution, created by Acts of Parliament, or created at the pleasure of of officers of the Administration. The principle bodies of the Government are the Administration and the Cabinet.

The Founder

The Founder of the SLU is Ainland. Ainland is the only permanent member of the Administration.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the SLU consists of the Open Parliament and the Library of Parliament. Its head is the Speaker of the Union, who is a member of the Administration. It handles record keeping and lawmaking matters.


Speaker of the Union: Hirematia

Librarians of Parliament
Law Commission

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the SLU consists of the Cabinet among other officers that comprise the SLU's bureaucracy. Its principle officer, who also is the leader of the region and the regional delegate to the World Assembly, is the World Assembly Delegate. It also has major branches, Ministries, of which three exist: the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Immigration. The leaders of those Ministries are Ministers, assisted by Deputy Ministers. Additionally, it has minor branches (parts of Ministries) called Departments, headed by Secretaries; minor officers of the SLU also include Ambassadors, which only exist within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


World Assembly Delegate: North American Republics

Ministry of Domestic Affairs
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Courelli
Attorney General: Kanoria
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Goncar
Ambassador Program
Ministry of Immigration
Minister of Immigration: Chameliya

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the SLU, the Court of Justice has significant responsibility over determining criminal cases along with determining the correct side in legal cases in the SLU, and issuing legal advisory opinions. It is headed by the Chancellor.


Chancellor: Anaaxes