Amendment 4 to the Third Constitution

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Amendment 4 to the Third Constitution
Citation Proposed Ca-4
Considered by Open Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on 13 February 2018
Introduced by Anaaxes, New Lettia
Required majority Two-thirds
Status: Pending

Section 1. Revocation of Waivers[edit]

Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 shall be amended to read as follows:

No waiver granted under this Section may be revoked unless due to fraud, deception, or error, which may be regulated by law and with judicial approval, or, automatically upon conviction for treason, invasion, or rebellion. Provided, the Open Parliament reserves the right to revoke any waiver with the concurrence of two-thirds of Member States voting, with 7 days of voting and with the sponsorship of two Member States.

Section 2. Clarification and Protections on the Right to Vote[edit]

Article 2, Section 2 shall be amended to read as follows:

Each eligible Member State shall be entitled to cast a vote, which shall have equal weight among others, in elections and on matters before the Open Parliament, and a valid vote cast by a duly-qualified Member State shall be accepted and counted. Member States may vote in the affirmative, in the negative, or may abstain, with abstentions being noted but not affecting the outcome of the vote.

Section 3. Ministerial Election Regulation[edit]

The following clause shall be appended to Article 6, Section 1, to read as follows:

Clause 3. In ministerial elections, no State may run for more than one position.

Section 4. Continuity and Validity of the Third Amendment[edit]

Appropriate sections and clauses shall be renumbered for continuity. Any adverse judicial rulings regarding the validity of the passage of the the Third Amendment to the Constitution shall be deemed void.